A Letter to the Dolls

A doll knows what she wants in life, but she doesn’t limit herself to how much she wants.


On the surface, it may seem superficial or conceited but in times like these its important to know that what you want isn’t all you can have. Having a goal is great, fantastic even, but the important question is what comes after? What happens when you launch that company of your dreams? What happens when you’ve sold thousands of eyelashes but you want to expand? This is why you have to ask yourself Is it really enough to stop there? 


If quarantine has taught me anything in the past few months its this: my anxiety is out of control but if I focus on my business I can channel all that energy into making my dreams come true. I’m finally getting my monies worth in rent I mean we’ve been in the house for weeks! Most importantly it’s taught me that this pandemic was needed! I needed this time to really sit down and decide my next move. I needed to really take a moment and give my company my all! Out of it, I birthed the relaunch of my brand just the way I saw it in my dreams! I realized that a doll is a person who's already whole. She’s strong loving resilient confident  a bit sassy but she’s perfectly made. To someone who’s perfectly made your accessories are an add on! They don’t make you! This is why at the Matel Dollhouse our Accessories Are Sold Separately!    



Aniyah Matel

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I love the doll life. I actually enjoyed reading this and it’s also given me inspiration

Andrea Harris June 25, 2020

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