The Dolls

 Aniyah Matel, Creator of Matel Doll Lashes, is an NYC native who stepped into the beauty industry in 2011 as a makeup artist. After finishing her training at Empire Academy, she joined the workforce MAC cosmetics where her passion for beauty & glam and making people feel good about themselves ignited. With all the different products the cosmetic industry offers, one stood out the most to Aniyah ... THE LASH!

From mixing different mascaras & stacking lashes to create different styles, she always got creative. After years of remixing lash styles, the idea of creating a brand of quality lashes that are fun, sexy, versatile finally stuck in her mind, and the Matel Doll Lashes were born.

Sammi Matel, Creator of Matel Doll Glosses, is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist. Inspired by her passion for inclusivity, she designed a unique brand of cruelty-free glosses featuring quality products at an affordable price. Additionally, her goal is to leave a long-lasting impact on the cosmetic industry through the promotion of all cruelty-free products.
Valuing the usage of the quality packaging, features, and ingredients, Matel Doll Glosses redefines the meaning of Luxury.
Together, these sisters created, Matel Doll, an upcoming lifestyle brand. Moreover, it is the parent company of the Matel Doll chain, including the production and sale of Mink Eyelashes, Lip Glosses, and merchandise. The movement is about more than cosmetics; it is embracing one's inner Doll.